Dibujo © TTC Timmler Technology/Photographer: B+E Fotografie, Düsseldorf
Dibujo © TTC Timmler Technology/Photographer: B+E Fotografie, Düsseldorf
Dibujo © TTC Timmler Technology/Photographer: B+E Fotografie, Düsseldorf
Dibujo © TTC Timmler Technology/Photographer: B+E Fotografie, Düsseldorf
Dibujo © TTC Timmler Technology/Photographer: B+E Fotografie, Düsseldorf

Heinrich-Heine-University | Faculty of Medicine + Chemical-Medical Institute

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Düsseldorf, Alemania
Peter Mucha, Buildings Departmemt HHU Düsseldorf
Markus Metternich, KMG Ingenieurgesellschaft, Cologne/Berlin

On the art of illumination
Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf is a past master at combining art and architecture. A large-format painting by Roy Lichtenstein has adorned the foyer of the Faculty of Medicine since the 1970s. The frieze extends across all four walls of the square hall, which measures 28 x 28 meters, integrating or bypassing windows and corners. A sculptural U-shaped staircase leads specifically to this foyer. Indirect lighting has now been installed on the steel structure such as to subtly trace its contours. To this end, an LED light line system was installed over a length of 36.5 meters – an elegant solution, designed and realized by the specialists at ADO Lights. An aluminum profile that also includes the cable duct serves as the backing for the light line. Thanks to opaque encapsulation conforming to protection class IP68, there is no danger of dust particles or moisture damaging this custom-made installation. It is functional, robust and nonetheless highly aesthetic. Indeed, the light is emitted downwards and underscores the special quality of the staircase – entirely without dark areas at the joins.

In contrast to this project, for the Chemical-Medical Institute at the uni ADO Lights developed a light sculpture that illuminates the stairwell. Its shape is based on that of the high-grade, curved stair handrail. Installed on the concrete substructure a slender black steel casing then serves to hold the light sculpture based on high-performance LED modules. A cover made of satin-finished PMMA plastic ensures homogeneous, diffused lighting. On each story the circle of light has a length of 19.5 meters and an intensity of 85,000 lumens.

Looking up at the sculpture creates a trompe-l’œil effect, as the illumination is repeated on each of the eight stories. The substructure is barely visible, making the sculpture with its white frame appear to hover. The brightness can be regulated: It is dimmed by 50 percent after lectures have finished, and can be reduced down to 20 percent in the later hours of the evening.

-Light sculpture with LED high power modules
for an existing concrete construction
- 156 metres in total over eight floors,
on each floor 19.5 metres with approx. 85,000 lm
- Light colour 4,000 K
- Constant current operated, DALI controlled
- Steel casing powder-coated black RAL9016,
covered with satinized PMMA
- Free-floating appearance due to the black
mounting construction between concrete ring
and white casing of the lighting sculture

- 36.5 metres LED Lightline, Type LLF30.12,
curved and straight design alongside the
exact contur of the handrail in the entrance area
- Light colour 4,000 K
- Aluminium casing natural anodized,
opaque moulded, protection class IP68,
cable channel included
- homogeneous, indirect illumination
of the staircase steel construction
without dark sections at joins

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