Denmark’s Rowing Stadium


With 150 employees in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Oslo, AART architects is a leading Nordic architecture company. In their work, they transcend the traditional typologies. They take on projects where there is something at stake for their clients and communities, projects where they can make a difference.

AART architects is currently contributing to the development of more than 800,000 square metres throughout the Nordic countries – including prestigious projects such as Nicolinehus in Aarhus, Denmark's Rowing Stadium in the outskirts of Copenhagen, the Viking Museum in Oslo and Stavanger University Hospital, which is the largest building project in the Nordic countries.

AART architects´ work with architecture goes far beyond designing buildings. For them, it is equally important to document the impact they make through their architecture. They, therefore, visit their completed buildings in collaboration with anthropologists and organisation analysts, who over the years have documented their work.

With projects such as Musholm, they have strengthened the quality of life for people with disabilities. The Culture Yard revitalised Helsingør's waterfront and VUC Syd gives school dropouts a chance to get back into education. Common to all these projects is how AART architects have created opportunities with added value – both socially and economically.

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