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About Funkia

Funkia is a company focusing on planning and shaping outdoor environments. Through analysis, form, function and communication, we accompany our clients through the entire process of designing landscape: from inspiration/concept to implementation, completion and follow-up. Together we create sustainable landscape architecture of the highest quality. We often work with public spaces and in the same way as nature does, we apply holistic vision to design vibrant, living spaces within both urban and suburban environments.

Funkia landscape architects are action people, driven by strong commitment and passion to achieving a beneficial environment and community building. Our professionalism is enhanced by our practical experience and on-sight engagement although we are down to earth in our approach developing our dreamscapes from scratch.

The landscape is the core of the Funkia. In our work we encompass the ecological, economic and social aspects of a holistic landscape. Space is our focus. The area’s natural and cultural landmarks, squares, residential areas, parks, gardens, sports facilities and playgrounds are just a few of the everyday venues that enrich our lives.


Having access to landscape is a human right. Whether in the city or in the countryside, connecting with nature is an important factor for our well-being. In every stage of our work we focus on enhancing and enriching the synergy between people and nature. Value emanates from this interaction.


We plan our work in a process consisting of several levels where we develop our assignments in cooperation and consultation with both the client and the end-user. Through our projects we aim to design and add pieces to the puzzle of society´s development. This process comprises several levels, in which we develop our comission with the client and in collaboration with the users. Through the projects we design, we contribute with puzzle pieces to society´s development.


The assignments which we undertake comprise the whole sequence from original idea, refined concept, design, construction management, operation, and management. Our expertise covers urban spaces and cultural-historical environments, as well as planting and maintenance. We have experience and reference assignments of preliminary studies, concept and program work, design of building plots, construction documents and maintenance programs.

The assignments we undertake range across the full field of project planning from brainstorming, concretization, projecting and site supervision to management and administration. Our specialist competences are in urban and culture-historical settings along with plant management. Our experience embraces preliminary studies, concept and program tasks, projecting of building permits and construction documentation and the provision of maintenance programs.

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