The Victoria School

Skara, Suède
Visualisation © AART / Schonherr
Visualisation © AART / Schonherr
Visualisation © AART / Schonherr
Visualisation © AART / Schonherr
Dessin © AART / Schonherr
Visualisation © AART / Schonherr
Visualisation © AART / Schonherr
Visualisation © AART / Schonherr
AART / architects
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PROJECT: The Victoria School

CLIENT: Skara Municipality

SIZE: 10,000 sq. m.

Based on the city of Skara’s proud school traditions, Campus Park Skara is designed as a visionary learning environment where the school and the park area are integrated as active learning tools with a view to developing the students’ creativity and desire to learn by creating stimulating opportunities for experience and immersion.

As a symbol of tomorrow’s education facility, Campus Park Skara provides a modern, pedagogical framework in which sensuous architecture and interactive installations motivate students and teachers to interact with the school and the park area. With emphasis on materiality and architectural details, Campus Park Skara creates an inspiring and inclusive learning environment in which the surroundings can be included naturally in the daily schooling.

For example, interactive touchscreens showing the building’s energy consumption are implemented at the central square, while weather stations giving students insight into the local climate are set up in the park. Furthermore, a glass wall provides glimpse of the building's construction, while the floors, walls and ceilings are designed as sensuous learning elements which can be included in the different classes.

Through its scale, materials and interactive architecture, the school radiates a lightness and dynamism that gives students and teachers a particular affinity to the site and its qualities. The accommodating and transparent character is also being expressed in the central square which serves as the school's inclusive "heart" and in the exterior, as the school stretches out towards the green park area and creates a close relation between inside and outside.

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