Virtarannankatu Housing

Helsinki, Finlande
Photo © Tuomas Uusheimo
Photo © Tuomas Uusheimo
Photo © Tuomas Uusheimo
Photo © Tuomas Uusheimo
Image © Tuomas Uusheimo
Photo © Tuomas Uusheimo
Photo © Tuomas Uusheimo
Kirsti Sivén & Asko Takala
Virtarannankatu 3-5, 00920 Helsinki, Finlande
Kirsti Sivén, Asko Takala, Milja Nykänen, Tuula Nurmi, Jaakko Isosomppi, Alex Torres, Tatu Pärssinen, Ville Hautala, Anna Juholamari, Aino Born, Eero Holopainen

Virtarannankatu 3-5 state-subsidised rental housing is an infill-plan implementation in the Eastern Myllypuro, by Mustanpuronpuisto park in Helsinki.

The plan called for rowhouses that honour the scale of the single-family houses in the neighbourhood. The buildings were to use timber cladding in warm tones of yellow, red, and brown.

State-subsidised housing has a tight budget. In addition, there was an extra “invisible” cost; soft ground of clay and peat, which required piled foundations even for pipelaying.

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