House on a cliff


We work with idea, material and site as ingredients to create personal and site specific architecture. Matter, light and shadows are our tools to create meaningful spaces. In relation to this we explore what contemporary architecture can learn from local traditions and traditional uses of materials. One of our main interests is how the interaction between contemporary architecture, contextual aspects and typological settings can be interpreted into the society of today.

Specific choices of construction and materials are important. The use of wood, concrete, textile, steel and simple standard materials in a intelligent way gives our projects energy, meaning and a life of its own. We are interested in building technology and the way the building is constructed and structured as an integral part of the expression and experience of our projects.

In our work the use of physical models is a key tool in exploring our projects and their boundaries. The model building is also an arena for testing new materials and new uses of materials. Models in specific materials handcrafted by craftsmen in precise ways brings the essentials to our attention.

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