Studio Aah

Ljusterögatan Office

Stockholm, Sweden

This proposal for a refurbishment of a basement raw space into an office uses horizontal lines and cloudy mirrors to enlarge the space. T...

Studio Aah

Våler Church

Våler, Norway

This proposal for a new church in Våler, Norway, is built as a family of truncated, pyramidical towers. Materially and formally the...

Studio Aah

Villa Lökaröd

Lökaröd, Sweden

This proposal for a 220 sqm single family residence in Lökaröd, Skåne, elaborates the spatial relations between the atriu...

Dive Architects


Stockholm, Sweden, 2009

We extended this one room city apartment in Stockholm by breaking through into the generous loft space above to create a family home.

Arnold und Gladisch Architekten

Performing Arts Center (PACS)

Kristiansand, Norway, 2004

Das Theater- und Konzerthaus orientiert sich mit einer großen Geste zum Meer und zum öffentlichen Raum. Das Gebäude inszeniert die beiden...

Skaara Arkitekter AS


Oslo, Norway, 2011

Total renovation of an existing private house, based on the original ground floor plan. The attic has been replaced with a completely new...

Skaara Arkitekter AS


Snarøya, Norway, 2007

A longstretched two-story private house shielded from the road by a small narrow ridge. Private rooms are placed on the lower level, givi...

Skaara Arkitekter AS

Farm house Gamleveien

Jevnaker, Norway, 2008

The building replaces an old derelict barn, and creates a sheltered court together with the existing main building. It now...

Skaara Arkitekter AS

Cabin Buholmen

Kragerø, Norway, 2008

The cottage replaces an old cabin and is supplemented with a new outhouse and jetty. The buildings two volumes separate li...

Skaara Arkitekter AS

Two private residences in Jarveien

Jar, Norway, 2010

Two detached single family houses on a steep slope overlooking the Oslofjord in the distance. Both buildings are designed ...

Johannes Norlander Arkitektur

House Älta

Älta, Sweden, 2007

The property is situated in the town Älta, a few kilometres south of Stockholm. The house is located on a hilly site with relatively...

Johannes Norlander Arkitektur

House Tumle

Outside Gothenburg, Sweden, 2010

The property is located in a residential area north west of Gothenburg, on the top of a hill, overlooking the North Sea. The shape of the...

Johannes Norlander Arkitektur

House Morran

Gothenburg Archipelago, Sweden, 2010

The house is located on an island just by the sea fairway to the port of Gothenburg. The project is a transformation of a warn down cotta...

Magnus Ståhl Arkitektbyrå AB

Villa C

Stockholm, Sweden, 2011

A beautiful architect designed villa from the early 60’s is complemented with two building volumes docked on the roof tops. The new...

Magnus Ståhl Arkitektbyrå AB

Blomqvist Apartment

Stockholm, Sweden, 2011

Loft apartment in Stockholm City transformed into a formal yet comfortable refuge. The tilted roof and the large number of angles are uni...

Magnus Ståhl Arkitektbyrå AB

Villa U

Stockholm, Sweden, 2006

With a remarkable view of ”Skarviken” this singular family home sits three storeys tall, clad in stone and larch.

Magnus Ståhl Arkitektbyrå AB

APC Flagship Store

Stockholm , Sweden, 2004

Stockholm concept store for stylish fashion brand APC. The tailor made interior and a clever lighting concept create an exclusive yet inv...

Magnus Ståhl Arkitektbyrå AB

Villa Dahlqvist

Stockholm, Sweden, 2007

Villa Dahlqvist, situated in Lannersta, Saltsjo-Boo in Stockholm, consists of a series of intertwined volumes creating a defined sculptur...

Magnus Ståhl Arkitektbyrå AB

Apaté Bridge

Stockholm, Sweden, 2001

First prize winner of an international competition for invites only, commissioned by Stockholm City Council. A foot bridge...


House of the North Atlantic

Odense, Denmark, 2013

TYPE: 1st prize in invited competition. TEAM: Isager architects, Grontmij, Hans Jørgensen & son, MASU planning. ...


Hatlehol Church and Cultural Centre

Aalesund, Norway, 2016

PROJECT: Hatlehol Chruch and Cultural Centre TYPE: 1st prize in open international competition. TEAM: E. Troelsgaard eng.


Villa Marstrand Wadt

Roskilde, Denmark, 2006

Johan Sundberg Architectural Design

Villa Lima

Höllviken, Sweden, 2009

Höllviken south of Malmö is originally a seaside summer resort. A young couple wanted to build a house on a traditional summer ...

Johan Sundberg Architectural Design

Håkansson-Tegman House

Höllviken, Sweden, 2009

Höllviken south of Malmö was originally a seaside resort, but the forested rows of summer houses are continuously being transfo...

Johan Sundberg Architectural Design

Bergman-Werntoft House

Ljunghusen, Sweden, 2006

The Bergman-Werntoft House The house is situated in the heart of Ljungskogen forest, covering larger portions of the Ljunghusen re...

Johan Sundberg Architectural Design

Villa Ladybird

Beddinge Strand, Sweden, 2010

In Beddingestrand, between Ystad and Trelleborg, on the south coast of Scania, the cottages are lined next to each other. The area is cha...

Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

summer retreat

fuglevik , Norway, 2011

The house is designed around the concept of a mono-view, meaning that the house opens up to the landscape in one direction only. This giv...

Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

university college

østfold halden, Norway, 2006

The key notion of the architectural strategy is the location’s natural features and the use of a limited material palette. The proj...

Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

selvika national tourist route

selvika, Norway, 2012

The objective is quite simply to single out and magnify the experience of walking from the roadside down to the seaside at this very spec...

Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

trollwall restaurant

trollveggen, Norway, 2011

It’s a new cursor at the foot of the Troll Wall; The architecture of the new visitors`center next to E139 is an outcome of the site...

Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

fagerborg kindergarten

oslo, Norway, 2010

Reiulf Ramstad Architects has been involved in designing a new kindergarten for Fagerborg Congregation in central Oslo. The kindergarten ...

Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

summer retreat hvaler

hvaler, Norway, 2006

The house is beautifully situated on the top of a hill overlooking the ocean and the horizon, placed in the midst of an uncultivated land...

Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

korsgata apartments

oslo, Norway, 2010

The apartment building, located on Grünerløkka in an area called Ny York (New York), today one of the most colourful and dive...

Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

trollstigen national tourist route

trollstigen, Norway, 2012

Located on Norway’s west coast, Trollstigen is perched within a dramatic pass between the deep fjords that characterize the region....

Trojan + Trojan


Helsinki, Finland, 2007

Hernesaari - ein maritimes Quartier, das mit der neuen Hafenarena und zeichenhaften, fernwirksamen Bauten die von See kommenden Besucher ...

White arkitekter

Naturum Vattenriket

Kristianstad, Sweden, 2010

Naturum Vattenriket is a striking visitor centre on the banks of the river Helge, recognised as a UNESCO biosphere reserve yet only a few...

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