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Spektrum Arkitekter

An Exellent Detour

Sønderborg, Denmark, 2011

The project took off as an architectural competition with focus on creating new opportunities for motion nearby. An Excellent Detour comb...

Spektrum Arkitekter

Copenhagen Plant Science Center

Copenhagen, Denmark, 2010

The proposal comprises Copenhagen Plant Science Center measuring 6825m2 and a master plan of 25.000m2 development. The master plan is bas...

Spektrum Arkitekter

New Life In The Urban Church

Copenhagen, Denmark

In the competition ‘New Life in the Urban Church’ the Getsemane Church is proposed as the setting for new motion, where both ...

Spektrum Arkitekter

Spektrum Exhibition

Copenhagen, Denmark, 2009

The Spektrum Exhibition was the first out of three exhibitions arranged by Danish Architect’s Assosiation in cooperation with three...

Spektrum Arkitekter

Climate Adjustments in Kokkedal

Kokkedal, Denmark

Spektrum Architects was chosen to participate in the project competition ‘Climate Adaptation in Kokkedal’. The project was a ...

Spektrum Arkitekter

Faaborg Harbour Bath and A Blue Marine Center

Faaborg, Denmark

Faaborg Harbour Bath will become the place, where the city meets the water in an exceptional and different way. The project breaks with t...

Spektrum Arkitekter

Temporary Urban Space Installation

Valby, Denmark, 2012

Valby Local Council, Area Renewal Old Valby and The Technical and Environmental Administration of the Municipality of Copenhagen are coop...

Spektrum Arkitekter

Sonate In the Landscape

Nesodden, Norway

The idea of the proposal is to create a house, which opens up towards the city by an expressive and inspirational architecture inspired b...

Spektrum Arkitekter

Augustenborg Europan 10

Augustenborg, Denmark

In the project Augustenborg is pointed out as an entrance to the captivating landscape of Als. The castle and the silo form the base of t...

Spektrum Arkitekter

Dancing Halls Carlsberg

Copenhagen, Denmark

The proposal for the Dancing Halls Carlsberg presents a unique centre for modern dance and physical culture, which will mark Copenhagen a...

Spektrum Arkitekter


Humlebæk, Denmark

The masterplan weaves together the existing city and the open land in a larger scenic intervention, in which Humleby ‘emerges&rsquo...

RUBOW arkitekter

The New Urban School in Helsingør

Helsingør, Denmark, 2018

The New Urban School, Music School and Mixed Use Sports Complex are located in Helsingør Denmark. The idea is to create an open, i...

RUBOW arkitekter

Holmegaardsparken - eldercare housing

Gentofte Kommune, Denmark, 2014

The project is situated in parklike surroundings in Gentofte north of Copenhagen and consists of housing for 120 elderly with shared comm...

RUBOW arkitekter

New Fredensborg school - Vilhelmsro

Fredensborg, Denmark, 2013

The new Vilhelmsro School is situated, where the forest meets the open land. These strong elements of nature have become the structural i...

RUBOW arkitekter

Trekløveret - Nursery

Frederiksberg, Denmark, 2014

Trekløveret is a 4 story kindergarten and nursery for 104 children in the age from 0 to 5 years. The project is situated in a dens...

RUBOW arkitekter

University Campus Ballerup

Ballerup, Denmark

RUBOW architects has won 1rd prize in the invited competition ‘Master Plan for The University of Aalborg in Ballerup and 15.000 m2 ...

Helin & Co Architects

Finnair Headquarters

Vantaa, Finland, 2013

The concept is an investor based, functional design. Basic idea behind the layout was to create a flexible space t...

Helin & Co Architects

Metsa Group Headquarters

Espoo, Finland

The subject is part of an estate complex owned by the Metsäliitto Cooperative and also part of the regeneration of South Tapiola. So...

Helin & Co Architects

Parliament House Annexe

Helsinki, Finland, 2004

The Parliament House Annexe is situated at a nodal point in Helsinki’s cityscape, where the system of coordinates shifts direction,...

Helin & Co Architects

Keilaranta Tower

Espoo, Finland

Keilaranta Tower is a monumental tower sculpted into a cohesive architectural entity. Structurally it represents a whole new way of think...

Helin & Co Architects

Finnforest Modular Offices

Espoo, Finland, 2005

First prize, Invited Nordic Competition, 2003 For the architect of the 21st century, timber is a fascinating building mate...

Helin & Co Architects

UPM Group Headquarters

Helsinki, Finland, 2013

The predecessor of the recently completed headquarters was built a hundred years ago on the corner of Eteläranta and Esplanadi, the ...

Helin & Co Architects

Eiranranta Housing

Helsinki, Finland, 2008

The Baltic Sea and the beautiful archipelago of Helsinki is an active part of the new residential buildings in the historical Eira in the...

Helin & Co Architects

Villa Krona

Gullkrona Archipelago, Dragsfjärd, Finland, 2010

A small remote island in the Gullkrona Archipelago offers a panorama of changing seasons in the northern Baltic: late sunsets fill open s...

Helin & Co Architects

Nokia Headquarters

Espoo, Finland

Nokia House stands on a peninsula, cut off by a motorway, to the east of Otsolahti bay near Tapiola. The landscape towards the south show...

Helin & Co Architects

Kamppi Centre Offices

Helsinki, Finland, 2006

Kamppi Centre has become a meeting point for people of all ages.  It is an urban mixture where new intertwines with old both...

Helin & Co Architects

Sitra and PricewaterhouseCoopers Headquarters

Helsinki, Finland, 2000

This entity, comprising offices, a café, and a shop, is located in the core of the new Ruoholahti area in Helsinki, which within a...

Helin & Co Architects

Ahlstrom Salmisaari Headquarters

Helsinki, Finland, 2007

Toward the end of the 1930s, Ahlström Corporation had a high standard office and commercial building typical of the era built on Ete...

Helin & Co Architects

Kalasatama Centre

Helsinki, Finland, 2023

Kalasatama Centre will consist of a commercial centre, hotel tower, office tower and six residential towers close to the Kalasatama metro...

Helin & Co Architects

Alberga Area Centre (Music Hall, Regional…

Espoo, Finland

Leppavaara is one of the five regional centres in Espoo city. The commercial centre Sello, including important cultural activities, is th...

Helin & Co Architects

Skanssi Area Centre

Turku, Finland, 2009

The urban structure consists of intertwining housing blocks with volumes split to a small scale and the district centre anchored at the f...


New Våler Church

Våler, Norway, 2011

Type International contest. Landscape Sophus Søbye ApS


Future hall

Hadsten, Denmark, 2002

The scheme is the result of a design competition for sport and culture centre of the future. The main concept was to create a new town an...


“Reden” - Private summer house in Odsherred

Hørve, Denmark, 2009

Size 100 m² Price 1. 25 million DKK Client


Marienhøj Culture Center

Holte, Rudersdal , Denmark, 2014

Marienhøj of the future draws a clear profile into the landscape. The new lobby has given the Culture Center both a new profile th...


Scout house Hindemosehus

Odense, Denmark, 2007

The new scout cabin in Odense consists of two separate buildings tied together by a closed courtyard. One of the buildings is circa 200 m...

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