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RUBOW arkitekter works within the modern Nordic tradition of form and design. We design spaces for human beings, and our aim is to create beautiful, functional and eventful architecture that supports environmental, economical as much as social sustainability. For us sustainability is just as much about space and people as technicalities.

Our main goal is to create buildings with a high architectonic value and interesting spaces that provides a good and sustainable framework for people’s everyday life.

The main areas for RUBOW arkitekter is care homes, educational buildings and social housing, and we have won a string of national and international prizes for our work during recent years. Regardless of what sector RUBOW arkitekter is employed within, the overall principle of environmentally sustainable and energy-efficient design is applied and combined with parameters relevant within the specific project. We focus of course on low energy or energy active buildings and are confident doing that, but we also take sustainability at step further, by always pushing our self to create interesting synergies and experiences for the people occupying the building. In this way we are able to combine more sustainable parameters, like CO2 footprint, daylight, BIO factor, economic sustainability, architectonic value and social sustainability, and evaluate and compare them to each other.

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