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Spektrum Arkitekter is a young architectural practice that works with urban planning, building and landscape design and ties these disciplines inextricably together. We aim to create vibrant, surprising, inspiring and sensuous spaces contributing to a better quality of life. We strive for a design based on qualities of a specific location, also taking the social context of the site into account. We seek to involve local people in each project and value their needs and desires highly. Our projects seek to interact with the users, to arouse their curiosity and to invite them to play and explore. Our projects also address the landscape, the culture and the weather. We focus on current challenges like climate adaption, social integration and reversing downturn of remote areas. Through contemplation and experiments we try to design buildings, cities and landscapes, that improve our build environment and bring us closer to a sustainable future.

· We are a young office operating with spaces, buildings, landscape and urban planning.

· We insist on a holistic architecture, where landscape and buildings are inseparably linked.

· We base our projects on physical and social values of the projects context.

· We seek to develop human-centred design by involving and engaging the future users.

· We care about our climate and work with holistic water planning to create better recreational spaces.

· We work internationally and are often part of interdisciplinary collaborations.

· We address climate changes and seek for added value by combining rainwater planning with the development of new recreational spaces.

The Danish Architect’s Association twice nominated Spektrum Architects as ‘Young Danish Office of the Year’. In 2009 Joan Maria Raun Nielsen and Sofie Willems received a three-year-grant from The Danish Agency for Culture.

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Copenhagen, Denmark