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Foto © TTC Timmler Technology GmbH
Foto © TTC Timmler Technology GmbH
Foto © TTC Timmler Technology GmbH
Foto © TTC Timmler Technology GmbH

SRF Studio

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8052 Zurich, Svizzera
Penzel Valier, Zurich
Gruner Gruneko AG, Basel

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The new broadcasting building of Schweizer Fernsehen in Zurich-Leutschenbach houses editorial and administrative offices, catering, computer centre etc. as well as broadcasting studios for news and sports.
These studios are equipped with the latest technology and fully digitalised. The cameras are mounted on columns which can be moved wirelessly by joystick via a rail system. The recorded data are simultaneously transmitted to the respective editorial offices and processed.
A new enercy concept was to be implemented to dissipate the resulting high heat loads. Thus GraviVent® is used for cooling in the studios. Using a special process, silent gravity cooling was integrated into two transparent panes (glass + Makrolon), which are provided with a micro-perforation for the acoustics in a special process. This produces glass drop shafts which prevent unwanted draughts. In addition to silence, which is another important requirement when cooling broadcast studios.

GraviVent® – innovative + sustainable
→ Silent gravity cooling integrated in two glass panes with a special makrolon-window treatment with micro-perforation
→ for acoustics
→ »Green« product: low energy costs, low maintenance requirements, 100 % recycable after entire building cycle
→ Important component for DGNB/LEED certification
→ Optional with heating function

Silent gravity cooling type ISHK for Cooling
→ High performance cooling unit for power capacity 2 for dissipation of sensible cooling loads by a guided free construction
→ For installation within a fall shaft
→ Condensate drip tray over full cooling unit length
→ Condensate drainage nozzle toward fall shaft

Technical Specification
→ 105 metres type ISHK x.51-2R/L2
[H x W] 500 x 150 mm in different lengths
→ Room temperature 26° C
Supply temperature 18° C
Return temperature 21° C
Temperature difference Δυm 6.5 K
Active duct height (Hactive) 2.8 m
Cooling efficency ribbed unit length 380 W/m

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