Grenaa Social and Healthcare School

Grenaa, Denemarken
Kontur Architects
1M - 100M
1-5 Stories

Grenaa Social and health school is going to have its own building, after today being spread over several different buildings in Grenaa. This is the ideal situation for the School – namely to bring together the different study programmes, courses and training in one building. The beautiful area in the middle of Grenaa plantation, offers varying forest and moorland with Heather, and despite of its location close to the town and beach, it is a peaceful place.

The starting point has been the location and also the visions and values of Randers Social and Health school, these factors combined creates the expression and physical form of Grenaa Social and Health Care School. The new school must enter into a dialogue with the surroundings and has to be accomodating and inviting-and processed, so that both indoors and outside creates room for contemplation and space for social meetings. The architectural processing is to create Visual and physical connection between the building and the surrounding landscape.

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