Hudiksvall Swimming Pool

Hudiksvall, Zweden
Kontur Architects
1M - 100M
1-5 Stories

Hudiksvall’s new Swimming pool will be placed on an old quay on the harbour in Hudiksvall. The new pool will be the starting point for a transformation of the old quays on the harbour. An architectural barcode is laid over the entire facility and creates a strong dynamic rhythm on the quay. The new swimming pool "hangs" in addition to the quay and has clear references to the old boat houses on the harbour. The building is constructed of 4 long houses in East/westbound and linked via transparent glass areas so that transparency between the wings occurs. The wings are formed by "frames" which creates unique natural lighting indoor and ensures a beautiful framed look over the bay. The swimming pool is in a red/brownish concrete. The color is created by adding iron oxide in the concrete so that it appears like a modern take on the typical Swedish Red color.

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