Aabenraa, Denemarken
Kontur Architects
1M - 100M
1-5 Stories

Because of an amalgamation between two school districts, a new and larger school in Aabenraa will be built. The school's primary role is to create inspiring settings for children's play and learning, at the same time it must be a good and efficient workplace for the employees. This sets some high demands on the design of the school's buildings and the outdoor areas.

The new name, ”Kongehøjskolen”, signalises a clear desire to establish a new, strong identity for the new school, which not only is an extension of the existing "Rugkobbel" school. This is also an important feature, in order to ensure that all pupils, parents and teachers feel that they are together and equal in the development of the project.

The project for the new school must embrace this quest for a common identity and transform this into a physical form, which can also help linking the two school sections across West Road together. With the expansion, upgrade and modernisation of ”Kongehøjskolen” there is a great potential for creating a new ambitious Centre for learning and play in Aabenraa. Where the school's buildings are developed in close contact with the surrounding nature, sports facilities and the region’s cultural heritage.

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