Summer House

Saltum, Denemarken
Kontur Architects
100K - 1M
1-5 Stories

In a fantastic plot, located in a plantation area characterized by tall sand dunes with mar ram grass, forest and nature trails near the North Sea, we have designed a vacation home with plenty of opportunities for recreation in these beautiful surroundings.

The building area is developed with vacation homes and a development plan has determined the building pattern and architectural outline, which takes account of the area distinctive architectural style.


The vacation house consists of two buildings on a surface in large fiber concrete tiles, that lies on top of a hilly landscape and subsumes the determined settlement pattern, extending in direction north-south and east-west. Two walls in black-painted railway sleepers cut into the terrain to the north and east. To the north the wall marks the arrival and also shielding towards the road. To the east the wall intersects and keeps the sand dunes back, while it also contains storage for bicycles, firewood and an outdoor shower. The separation of the house into two building masses and their relative positions creates an outdoor room with kitchen, a space for enjoying the sun, sheltered from the western-wind. 'The main house', includes living room, a cloakroom, a core with kitchen, bath / toilet, office and loft and a core with alcoves and loft. The 'annex' contains two bedrooms, bathroom / laundry room and sauna. In total there are 6 beds placed in the characteristic alcoves, here in a modern interpretation.

The materials and color scheme of the house are inspired by the area's architectural style. Thus, grass sedum on the roof, facades appear in black painted horizontal wood siding, shutters are made of black painted wood with the same dimensions as railway sleepers. All windows are exterior made of black-anodized aluminum. Gutter and downpipe is in black zinc. The floor appears internally as well as externally in large fiber concrete tiles which create a link between the inside and the outside.

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