JKMM Architects

Dance House Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland, 2022

Promoting wellbeing is a well-established global trend, in which dance plays an ever-increasing role. Yet only very few buildings exist i...

Myefski Architects

Bodø Kommune

Bodø, Noorwegen, 2015

Building on existing cultural and commercial assets in the city center, the award-winning Bodo Culture House is strategically designed to...

Myefski Architects

Royal Danish Theatre

Copenhagen, Denemarken, 2017

Located in the heart of a city surrounded by sea, the Royal Danish Theatre sought to combine the elements of land and water that make Cop...

ALA Architects

Lapeenranta City Theatre

Lappeenranta, Finland, 2015

The concept of the Lappeenranta Theatre is exceptional: it has been built on the top floor of a shopping center. The idea, however, is an...

ALA Architects

Kuopio City Theatre restoration and extension

Kuopio, Finland, 2014

The restored Kuopio City Theatre is a 1960’s modernist building by architects Helmer Stenros and Risto-Veikko Luukkonen. The extension by...

ALA Architects

Kilden Performing Arts Centre

Kristiansand, Noorwegen, 2011

Kilden, a theater and concert hall in Kristiansand, southern Norway, has brought together all the Sørlandet region’s performing arts inst...

Rob Mothershed [Architects]

Museum X

City X , Finland

JKMM Architects

Verkatehdas Arts and Congress Centre

Hämeenlinna, Finland, 2007

Verkatehdas consists of a 30 000 sqm2 early 20th century fabric factory complex, which is now redeveloped into a cultural institution in ...


Taastrup Theater

Taastrup, Denemarken, 2007

The project for the extension and renovation of Taastrup Theatre seeks to improve the communication of the building with its environment ...

Arnold und Gladisch

Performing Arts Center (PACS)

Kristiansand, Noorwegen, 2004

Das Theater- und Konzerthaus orientiert sich mit einer großen Geste zum Meer und zum öffentlichen Raum. Das Gebäude inszeniert die beiden...

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