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Jessheim, Noorwegen, 2021

Wettbewerb, von unserem Kunden Transborder Studio, für ein Entwicklungsprojekt in Jessheim, Norwegen.

Kjellander Sjöberg


Faaborg, Denemarken, 2019

Faaborg is a coastal town located on the island of Funen in southern Denmark, one of the oldest trading cities in the country. Faaborg is...


Urbane Beleuchtung in Kopenhagen

Kopenhagen, Denemarken, 2019

Eine klimaneutrale urbane Beleuchtung für Kopenhagen. Der CPH 2025 Climate Plan ist ein langfristig angelegter Plan mit dem Ziel, die dä...

Ecosistema Urbano Arquitectos


Hamar, Noorwegen, 2011

Dreamhamar is a participation and network design process aimed to transform the public space of Stortorget Square in Hamar, Norway. Durin...

Nathan Romero Arkitekter

Humlebæk Syd

Humlebæk, Denemarken

A new Neighbourhood: Vision How can we incorporate nature into architecture, not as a part of a generic “pr...

RVDM Arquitectos

New City

Mikkeli, Finland, 2012

Light, Space and Temperature Mikkeli is an important crossroad between northern and southern Finland, occ...

Spektrum Arkitekter

Kerteminde Renaissance Harbour

Kerteminde, Denemarken

The relationship between the Danish city Kerteminde and the water is clearly reflected in the historical development of the harbour, wher...

Spektrum Arkitekter

Enghave Mini Park

Copenhagen, Denemarken, 2010

Enghave Mini Park is a new green oasis on Vesterbro, Copenhagen. It is a temporary urban space, accommodating beer drinkers and other use...

Spektrum Arkitekter

Copenhagen Plant Science Center

Copenhagen, Denemarken, 2010

The proposal comprises Copenhagen Plant Science Center measuring 6825m2 and a master plan of 25.000m2 development. The master plan is bas...

Spektrum Arkitekter

Climate Adjustments in Kokkedal

Kokkedal, Denemarken

Spektrum Architects was chosen to participate in the project competition ‘Climate Adaptation in Kokkedal’. The project was a ...

Spektrum Arkitekter


Humlebæk, Denemarken

The masterplan weaves together the existing city and the open land in a larger scenic intervention, in which Humleby ‘emerges&rsquo...

RUBOW arkitekter

The New Urban School in Helsingør

Helsingør, Denemarken, 2018

The New Urban School, Music School and Mixed Use Sports Complex are located in Helsingør Denmark. The idea is to create an open, i...


Hammarby Sjöstad

Stockholm, Zweden, 2008

Tengbom collaborated extensively and in several ways in the development of the Hammarby Waterfront Residential Area, which has become one...


House of the North Atlantic

Odense, Denemarken, 2013

TYPE: 1st prize in invited competition. TEAM: Isager architects, Grontmij, Hans Jørgensen & son, MASU planning. ...


South Harbour District

Aarhus, Denemarken

Together, we are creating a district in a completely new way - that is the vision behind the development of the South Harbour District in...


City Regenerative

Copenhagen, Denemarken, 2010

CITY REGENERATIVE City Regenerative builds itself, transforms itself, and provides for itself in order to achieve social, ...

Helsinki Zürich Office Architekten

Aviapolis Station District -Development Concept

Vantaa/Helsinki, Finland, 2009

Städtebauliche Masterplanung für eine Airport City beim Flughafen Helsinki (Büros, Kultur, Wohnen)

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