Every tradition must constantly be subject to change in order to attain revival, and every innovation must understand the tradition to be able to challenge it. This is in short our studio’s architectural philosophy. It means that we are not seeking a nostalgic recreation of the past, nor a short-lived trend, but rather a long-term architecture that still works when revisited. 

A tradition contains a large variety of regional landmarks that currently are at risk of vanishing in this era of increased globalisation. We believe a building should reflect its geographical space and historical culture, but are aware that cultures may freeze if not challenged by renewal.  Hence, it becomes a matter of exploring those qualities of the tradition that enable meaningful solutions to modern day issues. 

Only by understanding and respecting ones own history, is it possible to embrace the unknown and the new with an open mind. Simultaneously, architecture is an art that, because of its permanent and public nature, is obliged to show certain considerations.

Where possible, architecture must support the surrounding context in a way that exposes existing qualities, yet still leaves room for future development.  This does not imply neglecting an architectural character, but simply that it must be tailored uniquely to all projects.

Thus, the practice does not provide readymade solutions, but seek to design and develop each project based on particular individual and environmental needs.

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