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NATHAN ROMERO ARKITEKTER is a Copenhagen based architecture firm with a global vocation. Through planning, construction and research, the studio strives to maintain a position that is both critical and receptive to modern phenomena.

NATHAN ROMERO ARKITEKTER’s activities since its foundation until today have mainly been:

1. Research and praxis within the social housing sector: challenges and opportunities.

2. The meetings and exchanges between our cities and nature: coexistence between nature and artifice.

3. The fertile fields generated by human interaction: design of private and public spaces.

These areas converge on places and people who have a story to tell, a depth in them. The most neutral site reveals a key to something better, more valuable, when architects assume their role as generators of knowledge. We believe that global architecture very often is "lazy" architecture, it is an architecture that has not taken its time. We want to be hyper-specific ... across the globe.

In today's sustainable paradigm NATHAN ROMERO ARKITEKTER strives to incorporate nature into architecture, not as a generic "program" but as an experience closely connected with life. The focusing on nature's fundamental values should be done without nostalgia: we know that well designed cities can make us free.

NATHAN ROMERO ARKITEKTER believes in the urgent need of density and intensity in the architecture and planning projects. Density in the material, ideologic and programmatic aspects of the project. Intensity as a parameter that allows the project to withstand and even improve with the passage of time.

NATHAN ROMERO ARKITEKTER is founded and managed by NATHAN ROMERO MUELAS. With studies from both the Madrid Polytechnic ETSAM and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture he continues the tradition where the architect combines technical knowledge with cultural insight and an artistic humanistic approach to the task.

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