“Vandhalla” Egmont Water Rehabilitation Centre

Odder, Denmark
Photo © Martin Schubert
Photo © Martin Schubert
Photo © Martin Schubert
Photo © Martin Schubert
Photo © Martin Schubert
Photo © Martin Schubert
Photo © Martin Schubert
Photo © Martin Schubert
Photo © Martin Schubert
Photo © Martin Schubert
Cubo Arkitekter
Villavej, 8300 Odder, Denmark
1-5 Stories

Cubo Arkitekter and Force4

Hundsbæk & Henriksen

Egmont Højskolen

The Egmont High School in Hou is the country's leading High School with a special responsibility for people with physical disabilities. Accessibility is a key aspect that characterizes the entire project, and the new rehabilitation centre is also an architectural landmark that provides a renewed identity to the school's buildings.

Vandhalla holds Denmark's first waterslide accessible for wheelchair users. Throughout the world there is presumably only one other place, in Canada, which has a waterslide designed for wheelchair users. The top is reached either by stairs or elevator, and before sliding the 90 meters you can enjoy the view over the swimming pool and the island Endelave. At sliding-off and landing, it is possible to use a hoist. The waterslide will be used for training the sense of balance and body awareness of the students. Access to the pools is possible via ramps and specially developed wheelchairs that can withstand chlorine. The hot water hydrotherapy pool has an adjustable bottom to support various needs for exercise. Vandhalla also has a multi-functional hall and audio-visual classrooms.

The project breaks with existing standards and help to develop state of the art within the disability field. It gives the school much needed and important facilities, with the opportunity to combine training of cognitive and social skills with physical training.

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