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Henning Larsen

French International School

Dive Architects

Swedish Library Association

Stockholm, Sweden, 2018

Fit-out of new office space located on Oxtorgsgränd in central Stockholm. The Swedish Library Association is a non-profit and politically...

Dive Architects

Swedish Bankers' Association

Stockholm, Sweden, 2015

Fit-out of new office space located on Blasieholmsgatan in central Stockholm. The Swedish Bankers' Association is an industry organisatio...

Dive Architects

Asset Management Company

Stockholm, Sweden, 2017

Fit-out of new office space located on Kungsgatan in central Stockholm. The project involved an open working landscape, two meeting roo...

Dive Architects


Gärsnäs, Sweden, 2019

Gärsnäs is a Swedish furniture company based in the village of the same name. Founded in 1893 they have a long renowned tradition of timb...

DesignInterior JuttaReidl


Finnland, Finland, 2019

Diesen August 2019 ist der erste Satellit des Co-Work Space smartvillage online gegangen. Das smartvillage hat im HTC-Waterfront Gebäude ...


Powerhouse Brattørkaia

Trondheim, Norway, 2019

The energy sector and building industry accounts for over 40 % of global industry’s heat-trapping emissions combined, according to the Wo...



Lemvig, Denmark, 2020

3XN has won the competition to build Denmark’s new international climate center, the Climatorium, in the Danish city of Lemvig. As a foru...

Henning Larsen

Novo Nordisk Corporate Center

Bagsværd, Denmark, 2013

Novo Nordisk is a worldwide organization with offices in more than 77 countries. The global headquarters in Denmark is designed as an ope...

Henning Larsen

Nordea on Christiansbro

Denmark, 2000

Henning Larsen designed Nordea Bank’s previous headquarters in Christiansbro, Copenhagen. We often use the building as a reference projec...

ABB Asea Brown Boveri

Microsoft Bürogebäude

Lyngby, Denmark

Microsofts Niederlassung in Dänemark wird durch eine innovative Softwarelösung und die ABB KNX Gebäudeautomationsplattform zu einem Smart...

White arkitekter

Johanneberg Science Park

Gothenburg, Sweden, 2015

The Johanneberg Science Park by White Arkitekter is now complete. This new iconic landmark is located on the Chalmers University campus i...


Refurbishment of Copenhagen Jobs and employment…

Copenhagen, Denmark, 2013

Consistency and recognition, together with creating a safe environment to find new employment opportunities were the goals of AG5 , along...

JKMM Architects

Alma Media Headquarters

Helsinki, Finland, 2014

The design is based on the winning entry of the invitational competition held in 2010. The office building is connected to the two reside...


Apotekaren 22, upprustning av innergård

Stockholm, Sweden

På en innergård mitt i Stockholms innerstad, vid bland annat Björn Borgs nya högkvarter och showroom, sker en omfattande upprustning. Går...


Väla Gård

Helsingborg, Sweden, 2012

Väla Gård, an old-fashioned farm building located along the highway into Helsingborg. Nearby the peripheral retail centre, but...

Mikkelsen Arkitekter

ATP Vordingborg

Vordingborg, Denmark, 2012

Mikkelsen Arkitekter

The University Library - the Danish Royal…

Copenhagen, Denmark, 1994

With its 500 readers’ desks and some of the Danish Royal Library’s most sophisticated archive rooms, Copenhagen University&rs...

Mikkelsen Arkitekter

Rambøll Head Office

Copenhagen, Denmark, 2010

RAMBØLL HEADQUARTERS The vision is for this new domicile – with its focus on openness, knowledge sharing and collaboration &...

Cubo Arkitekter

The House of Disabled People’s Organisations -…

Taastrup, Denmark, 2012

Disabled Peoples Organisations, Denmark is the umbrella organization of 32 disability organizations with a total of 320,000 members, and ...

Kontur Architects

KRIFA//Headquarter for the Christian Trade Union

Aarhus, Denmark, 2012

This headquarter for KRIFA is situated on the top of a hill just outside of Aarhus and very close to the motorway E45. The building is a ...


Arbeitswelten der Zukunft – Loft Hippostalo

Tampere, Finland, 2013

Offener Architekturideenwettbewerb Mit der «Nordic Built Competition» wurden am Beispiel des staatlic...

RUBOW arkitekter

University Campus Ballerup

Ballerup, Denmark

RUBOW architects has won 1rd prize in the invited competition ‘Master Plan for The University of Aalborg in Ballerup and 15.000 m2 ...

Helin & Co Architects

Finnair Headquarters

Vantaa, Finland, 2013

The concept is an investor based, functional design. Basic idea behind the layout was to create a flexible space t...

Helin & Co Architects

Metsa Group Headquarters

Espoo, Finland

The subject is part of an estate complex owned by the Metsäliitto Cooperative and also part of the regeneration of South Tapiola. So...

Helin & Co Architects

Keilaranta Tower

Espoo, Finland

Keilaranta Tower is a monumental tower sculpted into a cohesive architectural entity. Structurally it represents a whole new way of think...

Helin & Co Architects

Finnforest Modular Offices

Espoo, Finland, 2005

First prize, Invited Nordic Competition, 2003 For the architect of the 21st century, timber is a fascinating building mate...

Helin & Co Architects

UPM Group Headquarters

Helsinki, Finland, 2013

The predecessor of the recently completed headquarters was built a hundred years ago on the corner of Eteläranta and Esplanadi, the ...

Helin & Co Architects

Nokia Headquarters

Espoo, Finland

Nokia House stands on a peninsula, cut off by a motorway, to the east of Otsolahti bay near Tapiola. The landscape towards the south show...

Helin & Co Architects

Kamppi Centre Offices

Helsinki, Finland, 2006

Kamppi Centre has become a meeting point for people of all ages.  It is an urban mixture where new intertwines with old both...

Helin & Co Architects

Sitra and PricewaterhouseCoopers Headquarters

Helsinki, Finland, 2000

This entity, comprising offices, a café, and a shop, is located in the core of the new Ruoholahti area in Helsinki, which within a...

Helin & Co Architects

Ahlstrom Salmisaari Headquarters

Helsinki, Finland, 2007

Toward the end of the 1930s, Ahlström Corporation had a high standard office and commercial building typical of the era built on Ete...

Helin & Co Architects

Kalasatama Centre

Helsinki, Finland, 2023

Kalasatama Centre will consist of a commercial centre, hotel tower, office tower and six residential towers close to the Kalasatama metro...



Stockholm, Sweden, 2015

Mästerhuset at Mäster Samuelsgatan in central Stockholm contains offices with a capacity of 3,000 work places and a com...



Hellerup, Denmark, 2009

The concept for the refurbishment and departmental fit out of two floors takes the building’s transparency as the basis for creatin...

Studio Aah

Ljusterögatan Office

Stockholm, Sweden

This proposal for a refurbishment of a basement raw space into an office uses horizontal lines and cloudy mirrors to enlarge the space. T...


House of the North Atlantic

Odense, Denmark, 2013

TYPE: 1st prize in invited competition. TEAM: Isager architects, Grontmij, Hans Jørgensen & son, MASU planning. ...

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