White arkitekter


Uppsala, Sweden, 2018

Uppsala’s Forumtorget square has been revitalised with the creation of a 65 metre-long public ‘sofa’ designed by White Arkitekter. Desig...

Ecosistema Urbano Arquitectos


Hamar, Norway, 2011

Dreamhamar is a participation and network design process aimed to transform the public space of Stortorget Square in Hamar, Norway. Durin...


Lillehammer Art Museum and Lillehammer Cinema…

Lillehammer, Norway, 2016

Twenty two years after completing the first expansion to the Lillehammer Art Museum, Snøhetta is honored to expand the project yet again,...

Henning Larsen

Kiruna City Hall - The Crystal

Kiruna, Sweden, 2018

Kiruna Town Hall forms the new face of a moving community The foundation for a new Kiruna Kiruna’s new town hall is a tribute to the tow...

Funkia Landskapsarkitektur


Stockholm, Sweden, 2016

Bredden is going to be more than a neighborhood - it's going to be home. Therefore, we want to have the people and the environment in foc...

Funkia Landskapsarkitektur

The Rocks

Stockholm, Sweden, 2018

Student housing at Royal Institute of Technology The new design for student accommodation at the Royal Institute of Technology derives i...

Funkia Landskapsarkitektur

Norr Mälarstrand

Stockholm, Sweden, 2018

The park along Norr Mälarstrand is highly appreciated and intensively used. It is one of Stockholm's best-preserved parks from the 40's a...

Funkia Landskapsarkitektur

Kvarnkullens park, Ursvik

Stockholm, Sweden, 2019

New district park becomes social node Kvarnkullens Park in southwest Ursvik is one of the most important parks in the new district. It r...

Funkia Landskapsarkitektur


Stockholm, Sweden, 2018

Upplands Väsby municipality is investing heavily in the development of the central parts of the municipality and in its public places. In...

Funkia Landskapsarkitektur

The Traneberg Bridge

Stockholm, Sweden, 2016

New life under the bridge In the with Tranebergs Bridge assignment Funkia presented a program document and a design proposal for the sit...

Funkia Landskapsarkitektur


Stockholm , Sweden, 2018

Norrbackatäppan is located in northwestern Norrmalm, next to the new district of Hagastaden. The park is next to a schoolhouse, public pa...

Funkia Landskapsarkitektur

Ellen Keys Park

Stockholm, Sweden, 2017

Restoration of historical neighborhood park Ellen Keys Park is one of Östermalm's most highly regarded historical quarter. It is located...

BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group


Stockholm, Sweden, 2018

Located on the edge of Gärdet, a treasured national park, Kullen makes conscious decisions to provide a sensitive, respectful form while ...

OMA - Office for Metropolitan Architecture

Norra Tornen

Stockholm, Sweden, 2018

Norra Tornen by Reinier de Graaf The Norra Tornen project started with two inherited building envelopes, the remains of a cancelled proj...

JKMM Architects

Amos Rex

Helsinki, Finland, 2018

Designed by Finnish practice JKMM, Amos Rex - a major new art museum in Helsinki - is nearing completion. Amos Rex continues the work of ...

Bartenbach GmbH

Nørreport Station

Kopenhagen, Denmark, 2015

Die Neugestaltung der Nørreport Station machte aus einem chaotischen Umsteigeknoten einen sicheren und ansprechenden öffentlichen Raum, d...

Bartenbach GmbH

Neue Psychiatrische Klinik

Slagelse, Denmark, 2016

Das Lichtkonzept für die Psychiatrische Klinik in Slagelse nutzt das Tageslicht bestmöglich und integriert biologisch wirksames Licht in ...



Lemvig, Denmark, 2020

3XN has won the competition to build Denmark’s new international climate center, the Climatorium, in the Danish city of Lemvig. As a foru...

Dr. Lüchinger+Meyer Bauingenieure AG

Tirpitz Museum Blåvand

Blåvand, Denmark, 2016

Das neue Museum wurde neben einen bestehenden Weltkriegsbunker in die Dünenlandschaft Blåvands platziert. Das Gebäudeensemble gliedert si...

BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group

NOMA 2.0

Copenhagen, Denmark, 2018

Situated between two lakes and within the community of Christiania, the new Noma is built on the site of a protected ex-military warehous...

Henning Larsen

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

Copenhagen, Denmark, 1996

The extension of one of Copenhagen's most acknowledged art museums illuminates the past through a rich sequence of daylight infusions and...

Henning Larsen

Novo Nordisk Corporate Center

Bagsværd, Denmark, 2013

Novo Nordisk is a worldwide organization with offices in more than 77 countries. The global headquarters in Denmark is designed as an ope...

Henning Larsen

Nordea on Christiansbro

Denmark, 2000

Henning Larsen designed Nordea Bank’s previous headquarters in Christiansbro, Copenhagen. We often use the building as a reference projec...

Henning Larsen

Nordea Bank Headquarter

Copenhagen, Denmark, 2017

Nordea is a prominent Nordic bank. Built on a base of slate with scintillating, transparent facades, its Danish headquarters sets new sta...

Henning Larsen

Moesgaard Museum

Højbjerg, Denmark, 2014

Moesgaard Museum is a popular destination for museum enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. The new museum building is the venue for world-...

Henning Larsen

Malmö City Library

Malmö, Sweden, 1999

Henning Larsen's extension to the historical library building in Malmö is an almanac of the changing seasons. The award-winning building ...

Henning Larsen

Frederiksbjerg School

Aarhus, Denmark, 2016

The children’s enthusiasm and joy are evident to everyone visiting Frederiksbjerg School in Aarhus. Designed to promote physical activity...

Scandurra Studio

Luceplan Showroom Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark, 2005

Lo studio per l’immagine coordinata degli spazi di esposizione di Luceplan, ragiona sul tema della luce e della sua percezione. La ricer...

OMA - Office for Metropolitan Architecture


Copenhagen, Denmark, 2018

The BLOX project, home of the Danish Architecture Center (DAC), contains exhibition spaces, offices and co-working spaces, a café, a boo...



Lunner, Norway, 2018

Nestled in the dense forest of Harestua, located 45 kilometers north of Oslo in the municipality of Lunner, Snøhetta has designed a new p...

Hans H. Münchhalfen

Bagsvaerd Kirche

Kopenhagen, Denmark, 1976

Jorn Utzon (1918-2008), Aufnahmen Mai 2015

Hans H. Münchhalfen

Fredensborg Houses

Fredensborg, Denmark, 1963

Jorn Utzon (1918-2008), Aufnahmen Mai 2015

AART / architects


Korsør, Denmark, 2013

PROJECT: Musholm CLIENT: The Danish Muscular Dystrophy Foundation SIZE: 3.200 sq.m. The expansion of Musholm fulfils the Danish Muscul...

AART / architects

Denmark’s Rowing Stadium

Bagsværd, Denmark, 2017

PROJECT: Denmark’s Rowing Stadium CLIENT: Fonden Danmarks Rostadion Denmark’s Rowing Stadium at Bagsværd Lake will fulfil the vision of...

AART / architects

Viking Age Museum

Oslo, Norway, 2017

PROJECT: Viking Age Museum CLIENT: Statsbygg SIZE: 13.000 sq.m. The Viking Age Museum in Oslo is acknowledged as one of the world’s mo...

AART / architects

The Glass Museum Ebeltoft

Ebeltoft, Denmark, 2017

PROJECT: The Glass Museum Ebeltoft CLIENT: The Glass Museum Ebeltoft The extension to Glasmuseet Ebeltoft is about more than just conne...

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