Stockholm , Sweden
Landscape Architects
Funkia Landskapsarkitektur

Norrbackatäppan is located in northwestern Norrmalm, next to the new district of Hagastaden. The park is next to a schoolhouse, public park, residential building and adjacent kindergartens. With the move to Hagastaden, intense use of the park is expected to increase further, which requires a refurbishment.

In order to facilitate better use of Norrbackatäppan, the park has been given a clearer disposition. Parts have a character of playful schoolyard, with more challenging use for the schoolchildren and the little older ones visiting the park. In the middle of the park is a place for gathering and calm. The existing level differences are used to create a safety zone up to the point where no play equipment is placed. This section offers open lawn areas for sunbathing, picnic and spontaneous activities.

At the boundary between the two levels of the park there is an old house preserved, refurbished and built with a wooden deck that forms a new discreet gathering place up the hill. Stairs and terraces tie the two levels together and connect down to the central joint area. Here is a generous space for the visitor to enjoy on the sun deck, under a pleasantly shady pergola or in hammocks. The place is designed in a garden character with fruit trees, berry bushes, flower shrubs and places of cultivating.

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