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PHILOSOPHY - Each new project is approached with a view to achieving a fundamental understanding of a site’s distinctive quality as well as the client’s requirements. Our goal is to find the right balance between simplicity and innovative design. Our motivation is to be investigative in order to realise the full potential of each project. We achieve this through open dialogue and commonexchange of ideas. A high architectural quality is sought at all levels, from the main idea right down to construction details. Efficiency and good quality are step-stones towards sustainable and rugged architecture. We wish to be leading in the use of sustainable solutions, low-energy use and healthy indoor climate.

COMPETENCE - The office has all-round experience within contemporary architecture, includingspecific competence in other areas of the profession. In-house expertise is further consolidated by arranging professional courses and seminars within themes such as environmental design, quality control and computer- aided technology. Many years with housing design have led to a specialized knowledge of most housing types; from summer cottages and detached homes to apartment buildings. Our planning work includes complex area-planning and development. The office has statutory architectural certification within the following Norwegian classifications: PRO and SØK tiltaksklasse 3. Quality control is assured through the architectural office standard MAKS.


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