Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

Sagene Wood Trade

Oslo, Norwegen, 2021

In a lush backyard on Sarpsborggata in northern Oslo, three new townhouses will soon be completed. A carpentry workshop previously housed...


Villa Void

Oslo, Norwegen, 2019

Die Villa Void liegt in Saltnes, einem Dorf südlich der norwegischen Hauptstadt Oslo, auf einem üppigen, nach Westen ausgerichteten Grund...

Kirsti Sivén & Asko Takala

Lars Sonckin tie Houses

Helsinki, Finnland, 1999

On a dramatic site overlooking the sea, three buildings are arranged in a fan-shape on the old garden island suburb of Kulosaari. The mag...

Kirsti Sivén & Asko Takala

Villa Tervas

Kajaani, Finnland, 2017

A retired couple from Kajaani wanted an accessible single-family home for their retirement days in the centre of town. The small historic...

Eternit (Schweiz) AG

Villa Void

Saltnes, Norwegen, 2018

Skulpturales Einfamilienhaus - Die Villa Void liegt in Saltnes, einem Dorf südlich der norwegischen Hauptstadt Oslo, auf einem üppigen,...

Dive Architects

Dalarna House

Viksö, Schweden, 2016

There is a strong summer house tradition in Sweden celebrating the great outdoors and enjoying the precious sun-filled days in the countr...

Dive Architects

Österlen Farm House

Simris, Schweden, 2018

Grams Gård was built in 1851 and used as a farm until the 1980s by the Gram family. It is located in Österlen in Skåne. The farm is locat...

Hans H. Münchhalfen

Fredensborg Houses

Fredensborg, Dänemark, 1963

Jorn Utzon (1918-2008), Aufnahmen Mai 2015

Helsinki Zürich Office Architekten

Villa Samurai

Kangasala, Finnland, 2015

A log building, built in 1951, has been extended to create a new residential unit. The name of the house refers to the desired atmosphere...

BGS & Partner Architekten AG

Erweiterung Landhaus Ørum

Ørum, Dänemark, 2006

Erweiterung eines alten Arbeiterhaus.


The 7th Room

Schweden, 2017

Snøhetta’s soaring addition to Treehotel welcomes its first guests Wednesday, January 18, 2017 — In the tall pine forest of Northern Swe...


Villa Platan

Aarhus, Dänemark, 2015

Designed from four rectangular volumes, seamlessly merging, a private villa sit on the very edge between land and sea. ADEPT is behind th...

Kirsti Sivén & Asko Takala

Eko-Viikki / Ahomansikka Experimental Housing

Helsinki, Finnland, 2005

Helsinki has experimented with sustainability-oriented residential solutions in the Eko-Viikki housing area. Four housing company units, ...

Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

Micro Cluster Cabins

Vestfold, Norwegen, 2014

The client wanted a cabin for the whole family, but at the same time it needed to be divisible in some way. The solution was a cluster of...

Kjellander Sjöberg


Stockholm, Schweden, 2018

Etaget is a new residential infill located on western Kungsholmen in central Stockholm. The building’s unique identity is a characteristi...



Asker, Norwegen, 2003

There once was a very rare and special client in Norway. “We want to rethink the way we live - not style but lifestyle - a house fo...

Powerhouse Company

Village House

Copenhagen, Dänemark, 2012

Village House is a summer house for a young family living in Copenhagen for whom a summer house is a unique possibility to enjoy a garden...

Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk

Mountain Cottage

Sollia, Stor-Elvdal, Norwegen, 2004

The cottage is situated 900 metres above sea level in a west facing hillside with a striking view towards the Rondane mountains. The site...

Kontur Architects

Summer House

Saltum, Dänemark, 2008

In a fantastic plot, located in a plantation area characterized by tall sand dunes with mar ram grass, forest and nature trails near the ...

Kontur Architects

Private Home

Sæby, Dänemark, 2008

Inspired by the harsh climate, the building is shaped by the light grey brick walls that move in harmony with the surrounding nature, cre...

Kontur Architects

Private Home

Skørping, Dänemark, 2010

The house has a great location on the outer edge of Skørping in a new parceled residential area situated between the forest and Re...

Kontur Architects

New School and Music School

Ringkøbing, Dänemark, 2009

The starting point for the new school and music school is to establish one building with continuous walking lines that ties the new and t...

Helin & Co Architects

Villa Krona

Gullkrona Archipelago, Dragsfjärd, Finnland, 2010

A small remote island in the Gullkrona archipelago offers a panorama of changing seasons in the northern Baltic: late sunsets fill open s...


“Reden” - Private summer house in Odsherred

Hørve, Dänemark, 2009

Size 100 m² Price 1. 25 million DKK Client

In Praise of Shadows Arkitektur

House on a cliff

Stockholm area, Schweden, 2010

The clients envisioned living in the archipelago as an interplay between nature and the possibility both of privacy and transparency. The...

In Praise of Shadows Arkitektur

Solbrinken Ordinary House

Stockholm, Schweden, 2010

An ordinary single family house with a separate studio. The houses are situated between the forest and the former old garden. We made the...

Studio Aah

Villa Lökaröd

Lökaröd, Schweden

This proposal for a 220 sqm single family residence in Lökaröd, Skåne, elaborates the spatial relations between the atriu...

Skaara Arkitekter AS


Oslo, Norwegen, 2011

Total renovation of an existing private house, based on the original ground floor plan. The attic has been replaced with a completely new...

Skaara Arkitekter AS


Snarøya, Norwegen, 2007

A longstretched two-story private house shielded from the road by a small narrow ridge. Private rooms are placed on the lower level, givi...

Skaara Arkitekter AS

Cabin Buholmen

Kragerø, Norwegen, 2008

The cottage replaces an old cabin and is supplemented with a new outhouse and jetty. The buildings two volumes separate li...

Skaara Arkitekter AS

Two private residences in Jarveien

Jar, Norwegen, 2010

Two detached single family houses on a steep slope overlooking the Oslofjord in the distance. Both buildings are designed ...

Johannes Norlander Arkitektur

House Älta

Älta, Schweden, 2007

The property is situated in the town Älta, a few kilometres south of Stockholm. The house is located on a hilly site with relatively...

Johannes Norlander Arkitektur

House Tumle

Outside Gothenburg, Schweden, 2010

The property is located in a residential area north west of Gothenburg, on the top of a hill, overlooking the North Sea. The shape of the...

Johannes Norlander Arkitektur

House Morran

Gothenburg Archipelago, Schweden, 2010

The house is located on an island just by the sea fairway to the port of Gothenburg. The project is a transformation of a warn down cotta...

Magnus Ståhl Arkitektbyrå AB

Villa C

Stockholm, Schweden, 2011

A beautiful architect designed villa from the early 60’s is complemented with two building volumes docked on the roof tops. The new...

Magnus Ståhl Arkitektbyrå AB

Villa U

Stockholm, Schweden, 2006

With a remarkable view of ”Skarviken” this singular family home sits three storeys tall, clad in stone and larch.

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