until  27. August 2017
Stockholm, Sweden
Josef Frank – Against Design is the most comprehensive exhibition ever devoted to this world-renowned architect and designer. The exhibition shows the diversity of Frank’s body of work and includes many architectural projects that...
until  24. September 2017
Helsinki, Finland
Alvar Aalto (1898–1976) is the most internationally famous Finnish architect and designer. The exhibition will open up new perspectives into Aalto’s life and work. The comprehensive exhibition will illustrate how Aalto’s organic...
until  17. November 2017
Oslo, Norway
Between conservation and renewal What characterises Norwegian architecture today? For several decades now, new architecture in Norway has been typified by a sensitive integration with nature, an interest in the use of traditional and sustainable...
until  2. February 2018
Frederiksberg, Denmark
In 2017 the ambitious exhibition in The Cisterns will be a journey through an underground sea of light and darkness, when the internationally acknowledged Japanese architect Hiroshi Sambuichi modifies the monumental halls. The Water is Sambuichis first...
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