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“Architecture and Human Rights” (ARCH+H.R.) is an international studio of applied research about Architecture and Human Rights, connecting to the University of Sassari UNISS. It is based in the Chilean Patagonia (AEiDH-Chile foundation), Copenhagen Denmark (ARCH+H.R.), and Rome Italy (ARCH+H.R Italy). All of them are the continuation of Jorge Lobos Studio of Architecture (Chiloé 1985-2000); Lobos, Vallejo, Tato (Madrid 2000-2005); and Jorge Lobos + Associate Architects (Puerto Montt 2001-2007). ARCH+H.R. and AEiDH-Chile look for setting up our profession as a useful tool for social equality and architectural quality; (E)quality (1). We created this concept in 2011-2012 when I saw that some private people, who had a deep social perspective of life, wanted to cooperate with projects in vulnerable areas around the world. There, in The Chilean Patagonia among wooden houses, appeared (E)quality.

Our work is inspired and founded in the theory and pilot research projects that for more than 35 years, I have developed together with different teams and hundreds of professionals, teachers, students, and friends around the world; Chiloé archipelago, Patagonia, Santiago de Chile, Madrid and Barcelona in Spain, Copenhagen in Denmark, Sardinia and Venice in Italy, plus many universities as FAU of Chile, ETSAM Madrid, ETSAB Barcelona, UdelaR Uruguay, Escola da Cidade Brazil, Eduardo Mondlane Mozambique, RTU Riga Technical University Latvia, KADK The Royal Danish Academy of Copenhagen, IUAV Venice, and UNISS the University of Sassari, which is my research and academic home in Sardinia, Italy. I give all my recognition and gratitude to UNISS-Alghero, and its founder.

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