Museum of Liverpool

Great Britain

We believe that architecture shapes behavior. This informs all our work as we continue to explore ways for enriching the lives of people living and working in and around our buildings.

We create architecture for people through a complex approach tailored to users and clients. We build on the Scandinavian tradition of clear functionality and simple beauty. Each new project rests on the shoulders of our previous work, even though we always challenge conventions. We see each new project as a research that enhances our experience and sharpen our approach. We combine a broad knowledge of materials, technology and user needs with organizational strengths in financial management, project management and execution. It gives us the freedom to push boundaries and challenge traditional thinking. And it means that we can work in safe knowledge that we can make playful and innovative architecture rise from the drawing board and come alive. 3XN translates visions into reality and is continually committed to making today's work tomorrow's architectural heritage.

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