Visualizzazione © CORNELIUS + VÖGE
Visualizzazione © CORNELIUS + VÖGE
Visualizzazione © CORNELIUS + VÖGE
Visualizzazione © CORNELIUS + VÖGE
Visualizzazione © CORNELIUS + VÖGE

House of the North Atlantic

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TYPE: 1st prize in invited competition.

TEAM: Isager architects, Grontmij, Hans Jørgensen & son, MASU planning.

AREA: 4.000 m2

Located in the harbour of Odense, the house of the North Atlantic will embody a significant assembly point for the culture of Greenland, Iceland and Faroe Islands. The house includes exhibition spaces, design store, restaurant, cultural administration as well as 25 student apartments.

The project derives from a deep understanding of the 3 North Atlantic countries' culture and identity. The building is designed as a village standing on pillars in a concrete landscape. By connecting the exterior and interior - the landscape creates an open and inviting ground floor with various multi purpose spaces. Through the architectural expression and framework the house serves as a generator for the community of the North Atlantic countries.

The building has an obvious reference to the black wooden houses with saddle roofs from the Nordic countries, and the landscape refers to the three countries’ rock formations and dramatic scenery. The building generates a universe where different functions are connected in a natural and creative way with a playful use of unique building materials. The materials used are black zinc, raw concrete with Greenlandic granite aggregates and driftwood from the coasts of Iceland.

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