The Egtved Girl's World

Vejle, Denmark
7100 Vejle, Denmark

An eventful encounter with Danish history
With a local and engaging orchestration of our common history, Denmark’s upcoming museum, The Egtved Girl’s World, will rethink the dissemination of the Egtved Girl, one of Denmark’s best-preserved finds from the Bronze Age. Here, clay-stamped buildings and the landscape will play a central role in giving the visitors an experiential encounter with the Egtved Girl and thus learn more about our shared natural and cultural history.
Renewed understanding of the past
As Denmark's most well-preserved find from the Bronze Age, the Egtved Girl provides a unique insight into Danish history, helping to expand our understanding of the Bronze Age and the life that was lived in Denmark at that time. The goal behind our winning proposal, which was selected from among 42 proposals in an open architectural competition, is to create a vivid experience which is permeated by the religious universe of the Bronze Age, such as rituals and artefacts, smells, sounds, materials and temperatures, so that visitors of all ages can feel the whir of history.
The landscape
The landscape around the Egtved Girl's burial mound will form the framework for the new museum, which, as both a building and landscape project, will give visitors the opportunity to move through the protected cultural landscape and the history of Denmark. From the arrival via the Portal - a smaller building which, among other things, contains an unheated exhibition space - and from here onwards via a circular communication trail out into the landscape, visitors are led through the world of the Egtved Girl's and the Bronze Age. In addition, the portal building, as one of the first publicly accessible buildings in Denmark, will be built in stamped clay – an old and sustainable construction technique, which will also support the experience.


  • Wellness Bogn Sedrun
    Walter Bieler AG
  • Gebäudeadaptierungen Rathausbereich - Zwentendorf
    maul-architekten zt gmbh
  • FON - Wohnbau und Kindergarten Fontanastraße
  • GOLD - Wohnbau Goldberg
  • BENE - Wohnbau Benedikt


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