Bricks in Common

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Copenhagen, Denemarken
NOAA, Mangor & Nagel - en del af AART, OJ Rådgivende Ingeniører, Københavns Murerlaug, NEXT KBH, Ampell, Egernsund Wienerberger, Gamle Mursten, CRH Concrete, BEGA, KALK, Søndergaard Nedrivning, Vognmand Peter Falck

We have bricks in common
Bricks are the cornerstone of Danish welfare construction, and we pay tribute to this in the World Architecture Year 2023. The year 2023 also marks the 400th anniversary of Copenhagen's Masonry Guild and the introduction of CO2 requirements for construction through the building regulations. However, the two coincident events mark a major dilemma.

With a much longer lifespan than 50 years, brick is a demonstrably long-lasting material and one of the few that gets more beautiful with age. But brick is also an energy-intensive material that requires large amounts of energy in the production phase. If we want to bring bricks into a more sustainable future, it therefore requires innovation, development and, not least, design for separation.

Materialized through the brick pavilion 'Bricks in Common', we focus on the problem and explore what is needed to promote a more sustainable development within the brick and construction industry.

"Bricks have great historical, cultural and aesthetic value in Danish building tradition, but is it also a relevant material in the future when we talk about responsible material consumption? These are the questions and themes we would like to focus on and get closer to answering with our pavilion ​'Bricks in Common'. With it, we want to create a common, inviting space where we address the challenges of the future through strong partnerships, more sustainable solutions and generous architecture," - Nanna Flintholm / Partner and architect at AART

A circular collaboration
The team behind 'Bricks in Common' is made up of a partnership that represents all parts of the construction value chain - from the manufacturer to advisers and craftsmen. Egernsund Wienerberger and Gamle Mursten produce and deliver the brick, the Masons' Guild and apprentice masons from NEXT KBH build the pavilion, while the consultants, AART, Mangor and Nagel - part of AART, NOAA and OJ Consulting Engineers design the buildings and together we create the effect.

All materials are selected with a view to design for separation. The materials will be taken back by the suppliers and reused in future projects.

Bricks in Common is one of the Substainable Development Goals' pavilions along the harbor and other central locations in Copenhagen, which is launched by the Association of Architects and the UIA World Congress for Architects 2023 in collaboration with Copenhagen Municipality and City & Harbour. The World Goal pavilions will stand as Danish architecture signatures for the world congress in Copenhagen on 2-6 July and will form the framework for activities over the summer in connection with the congress and Architecture Capital 2023.

Bricks in Common can be viewed from June-October 2023

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