UCN Campus in Aalborg

Aalborg, Denemarken
Photo © ADEPT
Photo © Jakob Lerche
Photo © Jakob Lerche
Photo © Jakob Lerche
Photo © Jakob Lerche
Photo © Jakob Lerche
Photo © ADEPT
Photo © ADEPT
Photo © Jakob Lerche
Photo © Jakob Lerche
Aalborg, Denemarken

The design for UCN Campus in Aalborg (DK) is a vision of an educational hub bringing together several specialized study programs under one roof. Faced with the demands for an alternative and sustainable learning environment, ADEPT and Friis & Moltke have worked closely with both staff and students to design a building that merges innovative spaces and new synergy. UCN Campus is education in three dimensions.

The new building is now the natural meeting place on Campus and has quickly become the backbone of the building complex. Coming through the new main entrance it is obvious why, as your eyes start to explore the atrium landscape of group spaces, small terraces, the library and several study platforms. The variety of spaces walk hand in hand with the client’s vision of an attractive and future oriented study environment. Besides the new building of 6.000 m2, large parts of the remaining 20.000 m2 within existing property was transformed and renovated.

”The heart of the building is a large atrium creating the identity of the Campus. With an almost cliff -like character, it creates small niches and plateaus, supporting a varied study life spanning all fl oors. An airy and multifaceted space, that adds life, color and movements to its three dimensions from customized furniture, a large tree and the students themselves”, says Anders Lonka, founding partner ADEPT The new identity of the Campus stands out in a design that connects space, facade and interior design. The tree in the center of the atrium is a symbol of the shared expertise and synergy springing from the many study programs exchanging ideas and results. Adding to the expression of life and presence, students and staff alike are visible to each other throughout the building.

The unity between new and old refl ects in the interior spaces as well as in the facade design and the outdoor areas. The design focuses on creating an overall architectural kinship by bridging, both physically and mentally, between the existing structure and the new building. The new building has its own identity in the play of unique details in the brick work.

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