Bergman-Werntoft House


My projects always originate from the conditions of the site and the needs of the client. These aspects are explored in a series of discussions where we make design drafts as we move along. The end result must always have a strong structural order and refined styling in order to be complete.

The architect's profession is an artistic endeavor with elements of technology, economics and many other things. At the heart of the architects work is not any single part but the interplay between these aspects.

Great architecture does not arise from any particular treatment of material or style. Such a recipe does not exist. Modern materials both know their limitations, like in past times, and can at the same time be pressured to perform in unrecognizable ways. Traditional styles have almost no meaning today. Instead, we must trust both our senses and our intellect.

A number of collaborating factors still lead to good solutions in any given project. Respect for nature and our collective resources is a given. The need for both order and sensuous qualities is another. All these qualities more readily appear in a carefully measured design where the necessary reductions have been made without losing what I call a unified complexity. Managing this balance is the essence of what I do.

Johan Sundberg

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