Copenhagen Architecture Festival CAFx

With this year's theme Sense of Place, CAFx explores and discusses how we sense, experience and understand places. Between 6th and 16th October, the city will be drowning in talks, exhibitions, film screenings, symposia, art and music performances that will catalyze important discussions about place identity and become themselves spatial practices of sensemaking.

What is the relation between a place's sensory qualities and the sense we make of it? How do places gain meaning? How do we sense places? Why should architects and urban planners care about the sense of a place?

We are tackling these and many more questions in collaboration with a myriad of partner institutions, brilliant Danish and international scholars, engaged practitioners and urban dwellers like you, coming together to take you on an interdisciplinary and transmedial exploration beyond the conventional boundaries of architecture and urbanism. 
CAFx 2022 is kickstarting with the exhibition Architecture and Extreme Environments about architects' response the most urgent global challenges; Juhani Pallasmaa will join us on the stage of Cinemateket to present the film program he has curated around theme 'Sense of Place'; six cutting-edge Copenhagen architecture studios will open their doors to introduce you to their practice; we will premiere the new documentary film about Copenhagen "Best In The World", and host talks events at Louisiana Museum, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Empire Bio/Brus, and in many more exciting venues across the whole city.

6 October to 16 October 2022
Various Locations

Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen Architecture Festival
Festival Program