House of Children in Saunalahti

Espoo, Finland
照片 © Mika Huisman
照片 © Mika Huisman
照片 © Mika Huisman
照片 © Mika Huisman
照片 © Mika Huisman
照片 © Mika Huisman
照片 © Mika Huisman
照片 © Mika Huisman
JKMM Architects
Kummelivuorentie 2, 02330 Espoo, Finland

Motto of the competition entry for House of Children was "Mato Matala" (Lowly Worm by Richard Scarry). First floor houses day-care centre containing five groups of children and common spaces for all users. The day-care home areas open out on the playing yard that is formed between the rising pine covered hill slope and the new building. The street side contains common and staff facilities. Ground floor contains children’s nursery and technical spaces.

The rendered, curved southern wall forms the public façade of the building. Rest of the façades are made of timber. Building locates at a difficult, rocky site near Saunalahti gulf seashore. Playground forms a safe, unobstructed and exhilarating artificial landscape. Motives, materials and colours of the building have been inspired by the excisting landscape.

The main structure of the building is made out of concrete. Southwest facade is light masonry with overspread joint sealing. Other facades are plastered with wooden frame windows. Skylight windows open down to the entry hall of each unit and contain images from sea, earth and space. Interior materials are wooden ash parquettes and filler floorings, green tufted carpet and plastering on the walls and light acoustic papercoating on ceilings. Special light fittings and fixtures as well as pieces of furniture are individually designed and customized for this building. The design of the building is intended to stir fairytale images in the world of playing children.


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