Freely suspended INDULVENT ec fan coil units enhance the Restaurant Landgang
Photo © Rainer Taepper
The wide-ranging product portfolio from Kiefer has been able to meet a highly diverse set of ventilation requirements, whilst ensuring a climate of wellbeing.
Photo © Rainer Taepper
Restaurant Landgang is ventilated with our INDUDRALL KQ ceiling air diffuser.
Photo © Rainer Taepper
INDUL API18 linear diffuser installed in the plasterboard ceiling contribute to the sophisticated ambience of De Baar.
Photo © Rainer Taepper
The Schnüsch fine dining restaurant equipped with the INDUL API24, stylishly integrated into the plasterboard ceiling.
Photo © Rainer Taepper
Close up of the INDUSAIL Plus Quadro acoustic sail system in the Restaurant Landgang.
Photo © Andrea Flak
The INDUSAIL Plus Quadro acoustic sail system in the Restaurant Landgang.
Photo © Andrea Flak

Lighthouse Hotel & Spa

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Am Museumshafen 11, 25761 Büsum, Germany
Jens Sroka / Heimathafen Management GmbH & Co. KG
Pahl & Jacobsen Ingenieurbüro für TGA, Planungsgemeinschaft Ladehoff + Hannemann & Krützfeldt

Ventilation technology stylishly integrated into the Lighthouse Hotel and Spa, Büsum

The new Lighthouse Hotel and Spa was opened in August 2019. Located in the centre of Büsum, between the harbour and the North Sea coast, and with a direct view of the sea, this hotel is ideal for those who love the coast. At this stylish and luxurious hotel, a warm welcome awaits holidaymakers seeking relaxation, health and fitness fanatics and all those who are looking for a break beside the sea. Incorporated into the new building of the Lighthouse Hotel & Spa are a lobby, lounge, wellness centre, three restaurants, conference rooms, a delicatessen, two shops, 111 luxury rooms, suites and apartments, and last but not least, a quayside pub. Hardebek-based architects, Ladehoff GmbH, were tasked with implementing the architectural concept, whilst the design of the building's technical equipment was undertaken by engineering consultants Pahl & Jacobsen in Heide.

The elegant Lighthouse Hotel & Spa is seen as the new lifestyle hotel of the Heimathafen hotel group along the North Sea coast. Alongside accommodation, the hotel also offers various spa and wellness facilities. When it comes to cuisine, the focus is on variety, with the hotel's three restaurants – SCHNÜSCH, Landgang and Hafenkantine – each offering different culinary experiences. The hotel has been fitted out by Hamburg interior design company, Cosman-Interior, using furniture made by the established Italian company Gervasoni. The interior design concept, while diverse enough to give each room its own character, remains consistently chic and elegant.

It was architect, Thomas Ladehoff, who had the idea of creating the impression of a small "village" on the large building plot. The resulting small harbour houses, with their different roof shapes, create an impression of having evolved organically. The brick façade is typical of the locality. The use of colour gradation for the brick façade means that the structures are perceived as individual buildings, and yet still manage to form one harmonious whole. The complex is somewhat reminiscent of Nyhavn in Copenhagen with its brightly coloured gabled houses.

Sophisticated interior concepts
When it came to ventilation technology, the interior designers had exceptionally high demands, so bespoke solutions were called for when integrating the ventilation equipment into the pre-defined design concept. Thanks in no small way to its broad range of products, Kiefer was able to work with the engineers and interior designers to develop and implement various solutions to meet the needs of each space and its users with a high degree of success.

One of the challenges was the interplay between relative humidity and the varying levels of thermal load - and it is here where the INDULVENT ec fan coil unit came into its own, providing balanced climatic conditions, even in larger spaces. To ensure the comfort of visitors, a draught-free supply of air is indispensable and this has been achieved with a fan-shaped ambient air flow through the front plate of the INDUDRALL KQ ceiling air diffuser. Over at Restaurant Landgang, the INDUSAIL acoustic sail system manages to perform four tasks at once: cooling, sound absorption, supply air provision and light reflection. The INDUL linear diffuser was primarily used in the meeting and conference areas and in some restaurant spaces, where it meets the high technical and aesthetic standards demanded. With us, technology and design need not be mutually exclusive. When integrating the elegant linear diffusers, dummy profiles were inserted into the array to achieve an appealing, harmonious and seamless look.

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