Nordea on Christiansbro

Henning Larsen

Henning Larsen designed Nordea Bank’s previous headquarters in Christiansbro, Copenhagen. We often use the building as a reference project, and we are proud to continue our collaboration with Nordea.
About this project Henning Larsen explained:
“The building on Christiansbro is primarily a bank, but the means of expression are nevertheless limited. By limiting the materials and expressions, the building radiates that we could do what we wanted, but that we still chose to limit ourselves - the building stands just as an expression of limitation. The architect has all kinds of materials available, so I have seen it as an ideal to limit. Now I hope the buildings, which on the side facing the water are covered with copper, become greener over time. That is the point. Like Knippelsbro next door. It may take some years. But if you think of the green copper roofs that characterize Copenhagen, then you understand the connection. These roofs become brighter and brighter as the years pass, so with our new construction we have sought to make it light and transparent, like six light boxes that have been pushed in from the waterfront are lifted on a plane of light when darkness falls on.”

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