“Reden” - Private summer house in Odsherred


Philosophy and vision:

The vision behind Sophus Søbye Architects work is to develop authentic, aesthetic and sustainable architectural solutions that build a bridge between the urban, landscape and building. The goal is to create architecture with clear constructions and precise structures through a continued exploration and experimentation in the versatile possibilities of the materials.

The potential of the architectural tradition and professional integrity is the platform of the studio’s work and the starting point of a stubborn quest for new solutions and possibilities in the realm of architecture.

Rooting of the architecture in the site and the site’s conditions is ubiquitous and basic parameters in the development of the studio’s tasks. Sophus Søbye Architects work with - the site specific as an initiator, the analysis and social understanding as the engine, programming and strategy as the spine and finally the design and material handling as the unifying force.


Sophus Søbye Architects seeks to create architecture with social transparency. Through varied spatialities and overlaps between culture and landscape and between the functions of the building, a transparency appears that embrace peoples’ needs for visual contact and social expression. Within the architecture of Sophus Søbye an opportunity for life and democratic expression between people arises.


Architecture’s most important task is to unite often contradictory premises. It is precisely by encountering this contradiction that the whimsical dynamic and tale in the architecture of Sophus Søbye occurs. The architecture is redeemed in whole thought, where the elements are bound together in all scales and levels. This leads to a robust, consistent and responsible architecture as a result.  


Skills and methods:

Sophus Søbye Architects insists that each project is unique. This is an approach that generates organic architecture where each project has its own life. The core of the studio is to keep an ongoing and persistent project process with a physical presence and zeal in all phases of the project. In the auspices of Sophus Søbye, the term architecture covers the total quality of the building. Neither design nor function, technique, economics or process can be understood in isolated parts. In the development of unique architecture Sophus Søbye Architects has an ability to put all of these elements in to play in a constructive and creative manner.

It is a virtue for the studio that architecture by definition is the art of collaboration – exchange and collaboration is a natural parameter in the studio’s practice. The synergy within the collaboration, the possibility for new professional perspectives and sharing of knowledge is the foundation of the studio’s work. 

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