Photo © Thomas Zaar
Photo © Thomas Zaar
Photo © Thomas Zaar
Photo © Thomas Zaar

Väsby Nya Gymnasium

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194 80 Upplands Väsby, Upplands Väsby, Sweden

Upplands Väsby Municipality and Peab

15 800 m²

When major structural damage was detected prior to the renovation of the Vilunda senior high school in Upplands Väsby, the project suddenly grew to become much more than just a new school. White was entrusted with investigating new-build options, and the brief was extended to cover the planning of the entire Messingen district. The result was closer to being a cultural centre in function, giving the community a completely new heart.

A significant aspect of the project was that pupils and staff were consulted on the design. A survey was carried out, asking about the way the built environment should contribute to the power of attraction. The result was a building designed to be multifunctional at all stages of its planning.

The senior high school adopted the role and form of a cultural hub; a meeting place  accommodating teaching, library, cinema, sports music, theatre and catering facilities.

The school's new location in a former industrial estate represents the beginning of the future for Upplands Väsby. This new cultural hub marks the start of the transformation of a suburb into a modern town, which will be achieved using White's detailed plan for the entire Messingen district.

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